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You women with and opinion you are

Tennis - Man Servers against Women With No Mercy

Does makeup make you feel more or less like yourself? These women - some makeup junkies, some who never touch the stuff - were brave enough to be photographed with half their faces made up by a pro and half their faces totally bare. But with just half my face made up, you can really see the difference that using just a few products can make. Whether that's something you want to do every day or not, it's empowering to know you have the power to make yourself up as you want. With makeup on just half my face, the contrast between how I look [without makeup] and the Joan Smalls-inspired makeup was so stark, it felt like I was two different people: there was regular me and then there was a little bolder and more badass me! This look was definitely a dramatic change for me, especially compared to the other half of my bare face.

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