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A fourth suspect, a year-old woman named Hayat Boumeddiene, remains at large. In , a Pakistani Christian woman got into a religious argument with some Muslim women with whom she was harvesting berries. It is the summit of human happiness: the surrender of man to God, of woman to man, of several women to the same man. While 19 percent of the House is female, just one woman will get to chair one of its 20 committees. Instead, the man and woman in the truck wanted to know where the crash site was and whether would I show them. And this rapid change, this third engagement within a few weeks,-was disgusting to her as a woman.

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To improve your visit to our site, take a minute and upgrade your browser. But sometimes, for valid and non-sexist reasons-like talking about the wage gap-writers need to identify a group of professionals by their gender. Writers who are keen not to offend face a conundrum. Instead you hear or read about a woman doctor, a woman MP and so on.

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Their answers ran the gamut from pro-female to pro-woman to totally uninterested. The problem, as York notes, is that the unadorned noun-linguist, boss, MP-is assumed to be a man.

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I actually prefer "woman boss," "woman MP" etc. I'm not going to say "woman linguist"-yuck.

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In fact, in my own writing, I avoid using "female" because it feels more like describing an animal than a person. If forced to pick a preference, I'd rather be called a woman writer than a female writer, if only because "woman" implies gender identity rather than a biology, and strikes me as more trans inclusive.

But to do that, friend, a woman should dwell very near to Him who only hath immortality.

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If there is only one woman in the nation who claims the right to vote, she ought to have it. Any woman of them all might do worse than fall in love with thee.

Idioms for woman be one's own womanof females to be free from restrictions, control, or dictatorial influence; be independent. Woman is the general term. It is neutral, lacking either favorable or unfavorable implication, and is the most commonly used of the three: a wealthy woman; a woman of strong character, of unbridled appetites.

Women definition, plural of woman. See more. See if you can get a lunker of a score on the latest Word of the Day quiz for March A woman is a singular term used to describe a (one) adult lady, whereas women is a plural term used to describe more than one lady. An adult female is always referred to as a 'woman'. Whereas, more than one adult female is always referred to as "women". Women can remember stuff that hasn't event happened yet." Woman means an adult individual of the female gender. It is the singular term to characterize one adult Lady. "I have always known Jane to be a kindhearted woman." Women on the other hand represents more than one adult of the female gender.

In scientific, statistical, and other objective use, female is the neutral contrastive term to male and may apply to plants and animals also: females to every males; Among lions, the female is the chief hunter. Female is sometimes used in disparaging contexts: a gossipy female; a conniving female.

Although formerly woman was sometimes regarded as demeaning and lady was the term of courtesy, woman is the designation preferred by most modern female adults: League of Women Voters; American Association of University Women.

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Woman is the standard feminine parallel to man. As a modifier of a plural noun, woman, like man, is exceptional in that the plural form women is used: women athletes; women students. The use of lady as a term of courtesy has diminished somewhat in recent years the lady of the housealthough it still survives in a few set phrases ladies' room; Ladies' Day.

Woman definition, the female human being, as distinguished from a girl or a man. See more. May 21,   Woman is a singular noun whereas women is a plural noun. A woman is a woman, never a women. It's just the same as with freshman versus freshmen. When to Use Woman. A woman is a singular noun used to refer to an adult lady. Woman examples: There were two men and a woman in the car. He flatly denied ever having met the woman.

As the accompanying chart image shows, written use of the term "woman suffrage" used to be far more common, and recently "women's suffrage" has gained in usage. The multivolume history of the movement, written by some of those who were central in it, was titled History of Woman Suffrage. Clearly "woman suffrage" was the preferred term during the time that the vote was still in contention.

A publication, called "The Blue Book," which was that year's ate of progress of winning the vote, and a collection of talking points and history, was formally titled "Woman Suffrage. Expanding the suffrage has also included removing property qualifications, racial inclusion, lowering the age for voting. Thus, woman suffrage was about including women as women in voting rights.

May 19,   The singular "woman" probably gets mixed up with the plural "women" because although both are spelled with an O in the first syllable, only the pronunciation of the O really differentiates remember that this word is treated no differently than "man" (one person) and "men" (more than one person). Mar 25,   Thus, "woman suffrage" was the term most used in the 19th century by those who worked to achieve the rights of women to vote. "Women's suffrage" was, at first, the term used by many of the opponents, and was used by British proponents more widely than among American Jone Johnson Lewis. Oct 27,   With "woman" you're underscoring the person's humanity as well as their sex (and the fact that they're adult). Amanda Hess, journalist. Terms like "female" and "women" and "lady" are moving.

There's another subtlety in the difference between the terms.

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