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We had become close to the point we would have sex in the same room. They lived a ways in the country and we could live it up without bothering the neighbors. The closest was at least yards away. They had a nice little private lake on the back end of their property and it was decided that we would try it out for the first time since they bought it. We got up on Saturday morning and started partying early. The girls fixed up some food, blankets etc.

We were really getting ripped now and the girls were loving the freedom out here. They decided to walk towards the trees to take a leak.

We were really proud of ourselves for getting them to loosen up. When they got back they told us they wanted to make us do our dare tonight. They went over to the truck and came back with some scarves. They told us we needed to lay on our backs on the blankets and allow them to tie our hands and blindfold us.

I tried to find out why, but was told its part of the dare and do it. We were now hand tied on our backs. I now felt a hand slowly running up and down my body and then a tongue. I asked what was up and was told it could be either one of them doing so but if we looked the 2 of them would both play with the other husband. I can't say in here what went on for the next couple of hours it was so exciting not knowing who was doing what to me. After we were all exhausted we lay back still naked and enjoyed a few more beers and then headed back.

I begged my wife for 2 weeks to tell me if they swapped with us and she admitted they did. Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments. Join the community and write your own page! We play extreme couples Truth or Dare with a rather large group of couples once a month.

Me and my wife and 4 other couples have been the core group for about 10 years. There are 4 other couples that play often enough they are totally trusted.

We move around to one of the 5 core group couples each month. They went so far as to list what should be in the video. Up close blowjob. Oral sex on her. Public sex where someone is visibly watching us.

We had to have my buddy filming us out of site. A threesome. We had 8 couples plus us at the next get together. We played what actually ended up 1 hour and 18 minutes of the requested dare for all 18 of us to watch. We surprised them with 13 minutes of my wife enjoying her 8 inch vibrator with me and 2 of my work buddies watching as she had 2 orgasms.

We got a standing ovation when finished. You would be surprised how many hours upon hours of filming it takes to come up with the perfect product to show others. Almost all were shot as many as 5 to 10 times to get that perfect footage when you know a big crowd is going to watch.

We played Truth or Dare couples version with three other couples. The idea is you either answer or do dare as a team.

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We picked dare and we were to be blindfolded and taken in another room and had 5 minutes to strip down and put the others clothes on all while blindfolded. We were not allowed to speak.

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If we did not finish in 5 minutes we would have to stay naked until we went home later that night. They got out the blindfolds and started putting them on, but once hers was on they pulled mine off and motioned me to be quiet. They led us not in the bedroom but onto the porch in the back yard. They have a neighbor on each side and several butting up along the back fence line. They say remember Blindfold must stay on, no talking and we will tell you when your 5 minutes is up.

We quietly step inside and watch her thru the picture window. It was the funniest thing I ever saw. She was pulling it off in a flurry and was standing in the open completely naked and by herself. They say thru the window time up.

She pulls the blindfold off and the look was priceless. She looks for her clothes, but they had been removed. We were laughing and she looks at me and I just waved and said surprise as she went for the locked door.

She begs for us to open the door and they told her the front door is open if she wants in. There would be no way she could get there unseen. The owner says what about my neighbors John and Mike standing at the fence watching you now and laughed.

She looked and took off around the front and as she came in said at least 5 more saw her and give her clothes back. I noticed she didn't seem as mad as I thought she would be and asked her why? She laughed and said it was mean but funny and actually got a little turned on. She slowly put her clothes back on and we continued. This was a night to remember and she said to go ahead and let others enjoy it.

The way we have played it is with at least 2 and we find it works great with 4 couples. Each couple is a team and both have to fully participate when your turn. Before we start each team fills out as many truth's and as many dare's as they want. Then we all sit down and go through them all.

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If all teams agree to do what is on the paper it is part of the game that night. If even 1 person says no it is eliminated. If for some reason a team fails to follow thru the women from other teams take the man and the men from the other teams take the woman into a bedroom and strip them naked. Then they are both made up and dressed as slutty as possible and driven to the local mall. They are dropped off without ID or money. This has never had to be done yet.

Before the game starts all teams pull a piece of paper from a hat. Whoever has that may use it once. This card allows you to make all other teams do the dare you just picked 1 team at a time, but they must do it in the nude, while your team sits back and watches. The game is over when all truth or dare papers are used up. We have 2 other couples we do this with 3 or 4 times a year.

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There is another couple that joins in once in a while. We went on a camping cabin float trip on a river about 70 miles out of town one weekend. It is an area known for a lot of college aged people but we have gone down there for more years than most of them were alive and always have had a fun time.

We are much older but still enjoy acting young so my wife was going down to lay on the beach to tan and I was going to fish as it was only about 9am with mostly guys fishing while heavy partiers were still crashed. I dared her to tan with only a G-string on no matter who walked or canoed by. She was reluctant wondering where I would be? I told her I would be at the bank fishing.

She finally agreed and got a white G-string that was only about 1" wide and about 2" long at most and the rest was just strings.

She came out of the room with only that on and I was amazed because I assumed she would have a skimpy top on but I didn't dare tell her so. She thought and I went along with meaning only the G-string.

She put on a beach robe and we walked down to the river.

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We got out on the beach area and it was fairly secluded except for a young couple about 50 yards up river and several guys fishing down a ways. She found a spot right out in the open, threw her blanket down and pulled the robe off. She said you have to put the sunscreen on for sure or I'll burn. I was more than happy to do so. She laid down and I rubbed sunscreen into her backside enjoying every second of it.

I got up and told her to give me her phone to take a couple of pictures and then I said well I'll just be down there. She said to keep an eye on her. I noticed she was understandably nervous and asked if she was okay. She said she was but hoped no one freaks out when they see her. I walked on down and went fishing for a couple of hours.

I saw several men stop and talk with her a few minutes and many canoeist go by hooting at her. When I came up I asked her if she was ready and she said I want to tan the front side but I want you to sit with me while I do. I said why not and rubbed the sunscreen on her front body. We stayed another hour and it was getting pretty busy now. I know at least 50 to 60 more people walked right by us and she laid there proudly displaying her small but firm assets without a care.

We got back to the cabin and she said she had been scared at first but then really got turned on with all the young men looking at her. We both had a great rest of the day to say the least. My wife went to a tanning booth for the 1st time this year.

My buddy was over the next afternoon to watch the ball game and party. I said You should show him. She said it's only burned in private areas. I dared her to show him her butt and she turned and lifted her dress standing right in front of us and exposed her full bright red rear end. It was peeled and she showed it for about a minute. I then suggested she turn around and she did. She was right in front of him and pulled her dress up exposing her bright red lower region to us.

My buddy got a full on view for a couple of minutes. She then dropped it down and left the room. We had a good time talking about it for the rest of the game.

I and my wife were watching naked and afraid I dared her to do this for 24 hours with me. She agreed as long as we could wear flip flops, take 1 gallon of water, 1 blanket, 1 cup, a pot and a lighter.

We also brought my machete and knife. I knew of a semi secluded spot and on a Saturday morning we set out on our dare. We hiked in about a mile and found a spot by a small spring and made a lean to with branches from the woods. We then built a fire pit and collected firewood.

We made a spear and decided to see if we could get something to eat. My wife studied up on indigenous plants and started looking for something like that. I walked along the spring and found 3 frogs to spear. We met back at the camp and my wife surprised me with a bunch of blackberries she found in a patch about a half mile up from the camp. She also was seen by another couple walking to the patch as she was leaving. She was very embarrassed and explained what we were doing.

They thought it was awesome. This made me quite frisky and her as well and we spent a little time in the hut working it off. Then went to the spring and cooled off for a while.

That evening we had a nice dinner and lay out in the stars. We went to sleep and woke the next morning and finished off our berries. We then walked back to our car and about the time I got the trunk open to get our clothes that couple my wife met pulled up to pick more blackberries.

Now they see us both naked. They get out and walk up to talk as we are getting dressed. They said they were talking about it and decided they were going to try it soon.

Driving home I found out the girls exchanged numbers and now we are planning a whole weekend there with them. I can't wait. Back in the late 70's, times were much different as anyone from that era knows. One buzzed afternoon I dared her to go to a local gym with me and wear a white cotton robe into the sauna with nothing under it.

She took the dare and I entered first. I told her to Follow about a minute later and sit a few feet away from me. We were lucky to have two older men in there. She entered and sat down near one of the men. She followed the dare exactly as I instructed to her. After a few minutes of small talk with those men, she complained about how hot the robe was.

With that, she untied the belt and let it fall open exposing her entire front of her body.


I almost laughed at the shocked look when these two 50ish men were staring at an year-old nude body. She said I hope you don't mind. They of course, said they did not. She flirted with them for about 5 more minutes and then to my surprise instead of putting her robe back on and leaving she stood up and removed her robe completely. She was now slowly toweling herself off. She bent over with her rear end staring right in there face not 5 ft. These men now had noticeable erections and couldn't stop staring.

She then asked the one to wipe the sweat off her back and he enjoyed every second. She picked up her robe and slipped it on and left from there. The men talked about what just happened and couldn't believe their luck. She surprised me and shocked them. Click here to post comments. My wife bet her BFF on a football game.

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Winner gets to dare loser. My wife won and thought up a great dare.

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I was having a few buddies over that following Sunday to watch the 3 games from around noon until 10 pm or so. She dared her to spend the whole time waiting on us and to sit in a folding chair facing us when we didn't need anything.

Oh, did I mention she was completely naked the entire time? True to her word she stayed with us for about 10 hours naked. We had her doing stuff for us all day. Every time she'd get us a drink we made her drink one too. After a couple hours, she was feeling no pain and actually started enjoying it. She was a really good sport and we all had a good time. When my wife and I were much younger teenagersI dared her to have sex with me in our neighbor's pool. The adults that owned the house were always at work until around pm every week day.

Their son was older and lived on his own. The lady was my mom's best friend. My wife, girlfriend then, was 16 and I was 18 and we hopped the fence and sat by the inground pool. It had a 6-foot privacy fence around 3 sides and the house on the 4th.

We got naked and started fondling each other. She then slid in the pool while I was sitting on the edge with my feet in the water.

Blindfolded wife

She slid her head between my legs and started doing most men's favorite thing to me. I then slid into the pool and took her to the shallow end in about a foot of water.

I turned her around to lean over on the edge of the pool and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We then laid in their chase lounge chairs still naked for about an hour. We started to fondle each other again and to our shock, my mom's best friend came out the back door yelling and saying I already watched you guys once, I'm not going to watch you again.

You should be ashamed of yourselves. My GF was even more embarrassed than I. She of course, told my mom who was ashamed of us. My wife and I laugh about it these days. Many years ago my wife, I and 3 other couples would get together at 1 couples house to party down the last weekend of every month.

It would start early Saturday afternoon and continue until Sunday evening. By Saturday evening we would be so blasted and get naked. The 1st couple of times, the dares would be like sit in the middle of the room and give your husband oral sex.

Then it started to switch a partner to your right etc. This was great and nobody got jealous or mad. Then someone made a group dare. Set a timer for 1 hour everyone in the middle of the room and turn out the lights. I couldn't believe the excitement of just doing what you wanted in the dark with whomever.

After that weekend we started doing this every weekend with the lights on. We all did this for a couple of years. It slowly ended one couple got transferred and moved out of state and another decided to start a family. Us and the other couple left continued for years.

They decided to start a family and our fun ended. It was great while it lasted. It all started with a game of couples dare.

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A few years back I and the wife went camping. We went after work on a Tuesday. We were able to get our favorite spot set up camp and started partying.

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About an hour later we decided to hit the shower rooms. There is a men's side with 6 individual shower stalls. Ladies side same. Between the 2 are the family showers. They have 3 walls and an LG, curtains on the sidewalk. She dared me to leave the curtain open about 10" on each end and have sex with her near the opening. We dared each other to not stop no matter what. We gave each other oral sex and bent her over right at the door. We saw 3 couples watch but finished.

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Lynn Miller is a Truth or Dare lover and a big fond of performing naked dares in public with his wife and friends. He has a submitted many of his naked dare stories to us which you can read here. Similar searches truth or dare sister mature truth or dare she is married fuckedfam amateur wife dare black homemade hood threesome wife truth or dare wife game storyline wife wife taken by friends wife taken for payment truth or dare homemade cfnm neighbor party wife dare wife threesome wife dare i am going to fuck your wife wife loves to be. Truthordarepics is a website that allows real women and couples to post their nude dare pictures, purely for fun. A respectful community since , women/couples email in their dares which are then posted on the blog for the community to enjoy.

If you want to learn how I built this popular website without any knowledge of programming or HTML, please click the link below. Powered by Solo Build It! Privacy Policy. About Me. Contact Us. Dares that Work Out Good for Everyone! Mar 05, Rating Wife's best friend dares her to swap husbands one night NEW by: Anonymous My wife's best friend seemed to get off on the idea of getting my wife into bed with her husband. Husbands fantasize about this - but it was the first time I'd heard of wives enjoying the fantasy of sharing her husband with a girl friend.

My wife and this girl took night classes together, and often would stop for a drink after class before going home. It was here that my wife's best friend first brought up the idea that it would be cute for the girls to swap apt.

My wife used to share her fantasies about this guy during our love making - and it never failed to get us both hot. I was out of town for 8 days on business - and her friend offered their spare bedroom to my wife - so she would have company and meals with them during this snowy winter week.

We did it.

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Exposing ourselves during our holidays Hope so. You all are amazing!! I want to surprise the husband with a post of my own and hopefully blow up our email as well. So many emails. And hot pics to look at too.

Just a few other boob and cleavage pics!! They are always so positive. You wanted to see more of Marge's ass. Here it is. Thanks for the comments on our previous post, glad you like her butt. I know I do! We love it. What do you think of these photos of Mrs S.? Amazing how sexy Hi, You can call me Kitty since all my online personas go by that. We've been taking pics and videos for a long time She still enjoys the pool and her toys. Just want to get to know this place.

I like all of the pictures everyone is putting up and like how they say they Roadtrip and take pics along the way. My wife had been trying to flash truckers but it didn't seem like ANY of them were paying attention. This will be our first post. Nothing special at first, some laying around. We tried to get back to all of you and nearly succeeded.

The hottest responses Liby - Taking out the Toys Hi, Thanks for all the emails last dare where Liby was feeling horny playing with herself in the car. Helena - "Want someone to take Pics of Her" Hi, We really liked last time, and getting every bodys emails.

Helena has chatted with people from truthordarepics and has 2 people who Wife in White - Naked on the Cruise Balcony Hi, Had the opportunity to take a cruise recently and of course the views were great. I'm posting instead of my boyfriend to surprise him.

I must say that last dare really floored us. We didn't realize so many people My wife will send me pictures and I know what to look forward to when I get back. We are back and we wanted to submit some more pics for the site.

You are all so naughty, I may have to spank you. Here are a few of the most requested outfit from our Our last dare was a long ways back but it felt like only yesterday. We are a kinky couple and would like to trade xxx pictures and videos with others. You guys are awesome. Good reception last time and more pictures were requested of me Mooney - Online Teacher Naked Pics Hi, My wife is a teacher but only for an online education program so we can't show her face ever, yet none of her students will see hers ever anyway.

Well, luckily for you all, Samantha is a Maxelle - "We Visited a Clothing Optional Beach" Hi, We told you last time that we would visit a clothing optional beach and kept our word.

Many emails with kinky and sexy stories were received.

Wife dare nude

I honoured my word and sent a special Here she is bent over showing her ass. We were friends with benefits first and then we ended up as sweethearts.

We want to try a dare so everyone dare us please. How are you all doing? We have been good, but pretty busy : So I won a bet recently and got a stranger to buy me Took the most common suggestion that was outdoors, and did the best we could.

Vionara - "Camping Sex is the best Sex" Hi, More from our camping trip in these new pictures we want to share. Hi, I'm Amelia and I love everything about this website and wanted to do something daring for it but always chicken out at That's because people here know how to play!

Berna and I still enjoy looking at the photos and we liked last time so wanted to do a dare once again.

congratulate, what words

Our first post was deemed a great success, enough so that we are posting round two. Some here of the Mrs taking some selfies and one of her tied up ready for fun. For a dare how about her pussy? She is a very sexual woman, likes it a lot and we have She was horny and you made her even more so. Dette - Covering her Breasts Hi, So good time last time. We would like to post one more time please. Anal GF - Losing a Bet, showing Ass Hi, So my girlfriend bet me that if she could do anal she'd get to post her photos on the internet My pics are attached for the webmaster.

These are for my 7th dare I'm doing for myself this time. We're still getting teh same thrill we did the first time we posted. Wife Andrea - Flashing the Window Washing Guy Hi, Here are more pics of my wife Andrea, this time she is flashing the window washing guy and giving him a good show - plus more pics.

My husband and I play this game when he goes to work. It's simple. He dares me, and I take him up on it. She is from Texas and proud and wants to share more. Happy Butt - "Photos of us Playing Around" Hi, First of all we would like to thank everyone for their responses and emails. I know some of you we responded to but was a lot of work UK Clare - "She needed to be Stuffed" Hi, Thank you so much for the last dare well wishes and the attractive pictures too. Wifey liked seeing the fellows.

The black one is a Valentine's Day present. She enjoys Beth - "Loves taking Pics, being Spanked and is Bi" Hi, My wife loved the comments from the first set of pics we sent in. She just wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke. But I am also her sub when she feels like being more dominant. Walter Wife - "Do you like Cucumbers? We have another dare.

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