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011. Sex Magick in Witchcraft

Anyone would think that being a Witch or Pagan simply meant we got invited to all the best parties and our detractors were simply jealous. Marriage, or at least the contractual relationship between two individuals has taken many forms over the millennia. The format of one man and one woman is most definitely a western Christian concept which has been exported and mapped over many cultures and has set a filter on how we view the past. The understanding around the permenancy of these unions has also shifted with the influence of Christianity. Then there is the concept of monogamous relationships.

If "all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals," then certainly sex in ritual can be seen as a sacramental act of love. It should also be noted that in some magical traditions, masturbation and sexual release is a perfectly valid way of raising magical energy.

Wicca, in particular, extends that possession to sexual acts, whether literal or metaphorical," he goes on to say that by making sex sacred, "Wiccans in all countries set their own stamp on nature religion, uniting in their bodies the cosmic and the most personal energies of planetary life. Because ritual sex is a sacred act, any form of it should be consensual.

In most traditions, it is also performed in private, and in all traditions, performed only by adults. Some traditions of Wicca require actual intercourse as part of a Third Degree elevation, or in rituals performed by a High Priest and High Priestess. However, many Pagans today would say that it is rarely required by any legitimate coven for initiation as a neophyte.

In other traditions, the act is symbolic but not actualized. Skye Alexander writes. More often than not, if ritual sex is performed, it is between two individuals who are part of an existing relationship already, and who are of equal levels of power within the dynamic of the coven.

Ritual sex between two Third Degree people has a good polarity to it, but ritual sex between a Third Degree and a Neophyte stretches the balance of power a bit. Think of it as the difference between two teachers who date one another, and a teacher who dates his students. There are, of course, a number of different issues at play here - consent being one of many. After all, if someone is coerced into sex as a condition of their initiation, are they really consenting?

Shauna Aura Knight has a brilliant piece at Pagan Activistin which she points out. Ritual sex - the Great Rite or otherwise - is typically a specific, sacred act that is performed only by those who have studied and learned enough to feel comfortable performing it with a trusted partner.

Share Flipboard Email. Patti Wigington. Looking at Wiccan tools upon the altar, you'll find a lot of sexual symbolism. The majority of tools are aligned with a gender. Wiccan tools associated with the female gender represent the vagina and the womb yonic symbols. They're generally passive and receptive. Tools associated with the male gender represent the penis phallic symbols. They're generally active and projective.

While in some religions, polarity as seen as the battle between good and evil. In Wicca, polarity is seen as the intermingling of genders- equals yet opposites. The goal is not for one to destroy the other, but to bring them together in perfect harmony and balance. Phallus is the Latin for penisand it's is the generative force in nature.

Yonic is the ancient Sanskrit word for vagina or womband it is the receptive force in nature.

Sex Magic & The Great Rite

The meeting of these two symbols is displayed in a part of the Wiccan ritual called The Great Rite. The most common form of the Great Rite is performed symbolically. The ritual knife is plunged into the ritual chalice. This is symbolic sex- not just the physical sex act, but the union of oppositeswhich represents the creative forces of the universe. It is the meeting of the masculine and the feminine, the positive and the negative, the yin and the yang- two parts that come together equally to form a new whole.

The Great Rite is usually performed symbolically in Wiccan rituals, but not always. This is usually performed by the High Priest and High Priestess, who are usually an involved couple. It's also generally performed in private- other ritual participants exit, or there is a private place prepared for the rite. Not all Wiccan covens reserve the Great Rite for romantically involved couples.

The point is to put your own ego aside and channel the deities. But hang-ups about sex are hard to shake, even for some Wiccans.

Having sex with someone purely for ritual religious purposes - though it may be perfectly fitting within the context of Wicca - is still something few Wiccans pursue most likely because they fear the criticism it would draw from outsiders.

As such, this practice is so very rare these days some Wiccans will insist it's never happened and never will. Aside from the Great Rite, sex is sometimes used in Wiccan ritual for the purpose of magic. This can be performed by anyone who wishes to engage in it- not just High Priests and Priestesses. This is not about channeling the divine to perform a sacred act in ritual, it's simply a very practical means to an end.

The premise behind a work of magic is that the practitioner s raise energy and directed toward a goal. Sex is considered a powerful way of building energy and releasing it at climax. It's often something couples who practice magic together will do in the privacy of their own home. Solitary Wiccans may achieve the same effects through masturbation. Because Wiccans view sex as a natural, positive, life-affirming act, we generally accept our sexual nature as part of being human.

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We don't see anything wrong with nudity - the naked human body is merely the natural state. There are no distinctions made in Wicca about having sex before or after marriage- a healthy expression of physical love between consenting people is perfectly acceptable.

This doesn't mean that every Wiccan chooses to be sexually activeor to have multiple sex partners. Some still opt for abstinence, celibacy or they reserve sex for serious relationships. Everyone must make their own choices about their own bodies. While there are no wrong decisions, sexual activities are not decisions that should be taken lightly. Likewise, few Wiccans have hang-ups these days about sexual orientation.

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It should be noted that when Wicca began to develop in the s and grow in the s, homophobia wasn't uncommon. People were still largely a product of their own time. But attitudes have changed, and you'll find the vast majority of Wiccans are very liberal about various orientations and identifications, and supporters of LGBT rights.

Just because Wiccans have open and progressive attitudes towards sex, it should not be assumed that it means we think 'anything goes'. Wicca's key tenets are finding a healthy balance in life and taking personal responsibility for oneself. Sex may be natural, but nature can be exploited and misused. There are some other topics that are more hotly debated.

For example, some would say pornography is healthy for the most part because it's consensual and a fantasy indulgence; others would say the porn industry exploits sex, and people, for profit. There's always room for debate on the details. Overall, you'll find Wicca a religion in which we're free to embrace our sexuality and express it if we choose.

This is not because we want to go wild and get crazy, but because we respect and value sex as a natural force, and part of our human nature. As with all things, it's not about blindly following arbitrary guidelines, but in using judgement and wisdom when acting and making decisions.

As long as we're acting in a responsible and thoughtful manner, and keeping a healthy balance, our sexuality is something we can embrace without guilt or shame. Beginner Wiccans should realize, we don't believe our Gods think sex is sinful, nor do we believe they expect us to fight our true natures and desires.

Wican sex acts

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Oct 01,   In line with gender stereotypes, seven of the top 10 acts for women were related to romance and foreplay (cuddling, kissing, massages, watching romantic movies, gentle sex, etc.).Author: Zhana Vrangalova. Disclaimer: has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography. All visual depictions displayed on this web site, whether of actual sexually explicit conduct, simulated sexual content or otherwise, are visual depictions of persons who were at least 18 years of age when those visual depictions were created. Wiccan Sex This is an interior page of the Spells and site. If you have come here directly bypassing the adult content warning please be aware that this material is for adults only viewing by persons under the age of 18 is strictly forbidden.

Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I'm new to this sort religious believe so can't say much about it as I really need deeper research into it. What does it mean if you dream that you are having sex with a wiccan? My old friend practices gardenarian witchcraft. I have never posted on here before, but I'm a little stunned at what I read below. Sea Father, no it is not acceptable to have sex with your daughter.

There is an obvious imbalance of power between a father and daughter and it would not be of her own free will.

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That coven is corrupt. There are still lines that you should never cross and violating your daughter is one of them. You sound like you'd have no qualms about doing it either which is equally troubling.

You should reread the article above and also possess the ethics and morality to know it's wrong to have sex with your daughter. Sea Father, I hear an honest, sincere, warm-hearted person speaking. I am not pagan or any religion except a leaning towards the Buddhist path, so it is not for me to offer any advice. Presumably you have considered the possibility of producing a pregnancy and any woman you penetrate must accept at least half the responsibility for any child's welfare.

I look at my self as Pagan, I have never been big on religion and going to events.

About knotmagick

I just love life and everyone around me as best I can so i ask. My daughter is 27 still live here freely and she has met a group of friends who are Wiccan and they visit here quite often. We have been open with my daughter for a long time nudity is not the issue they say she may partake in the sex with me if she is ok with it. From time to time her friends have joined with me in bed and we have had beautiful sex but I raise the question because I am the only man that this group has around it, am I being used?

I know some people are going to have moral issues with this but what is your advise? Thank you for this. I've had a bit of a "religious crisis" as of the past several years. I have some Christian ethics, like the existance of a higher power. However, I've found the overall religion I still believe in the existance of a God creator, but not in the Christian sense.

Feb 03,   Sex doesn't have to produce in Wicca; that's just one of the main reasons it's celebrated as natural. Sex is also revered for the intimacy it brings between two people, and in general, healthy acts of love between consenting individuals is not an issue. There's no "official doctrine" on homosexuality but most Wiccans see it as perfectly u-j-s.coms: Called the Charge of the Goddess, it was penned by one of the first Wiccan priestesses. In it it says in the words of the Goddess, "all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals". That pretty well sums up how Wiccans look at a sexual relationship. Sex has a prominent place in Wiccan religion because its main focus is fertility. Sex is weaved with various rituals, beliefs, rites, and myths. For them, sex is not just the sex act.

Kind of I don't know. But what I do know is that I have some beliefs that I have found to alline with Wicca. I recently found out there was a sort of "sub-branch" of Wicca called Trinitarian Wicca or "Christian Wicca". I've been looking into that. This article has given me some much sought after insight on a delicate subject for me. I'm still learning the basics of Wicca in general.

Maybe this religion is what I've been searching for I really appreciate this article. It sheds a lot of light on something that really should be discussed more and at length. As I'd mentioned elsewhere, I was soured on Wicca for quite a while due, in large part, to toxic leadership. This included my involvement in a sexual relationship with said leader. Filtered through hindsight, the relationship hits quite a few of the unhealthy points listed above.

After we broke it off, I couldn't help but feel bitter about the whole thing for reasons I couldn't properly articulate. Almost 20 years on, I now know that there was very much a power play going on and that I was being used and emotionally manipulated.

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I'm hoping it was for nothing more than some ego strokes, but I can't say for sure. I do know that it messed me up in little ways that I'm still discovering. If this article can help someone recognize a similar situation and avoid it, then you have my everlasting gratitude.

I'm pretty sure that's what I said. Again, I'm at a loss for why you keep reiterating what I've already agreed with.

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I was sexually molested growing up by Catholics I'm not going to blame all Catholics for the perversions of others I don't even bring it up normally, because people today had nothing to do with the people that hurt me as a child, and I don't pretend that this is somehow condoned by Catholic doctrine when it was clearly an aberration of the doctrine and people acting out of their own selfish desires.

So again, I guess I just don't think like you, so your point of repeatedly trying to drive this home escapes me. We've both agreed anyone can find bad, unethical people in all walks of life. Of course what I practice is not practiced by all Wiccans. Again, what is your point? I keep saying, I know there are terrible people who do terrible things, Wiccans included. It's like when people blame all cops because some cops are crooked. We know that, but why do you keep bringing it up?

Are you saying that because some Wiccans you knew did disgusting things, that somehow we're all guilty by association? If that's what you're implying, I would have to say I disagree with the concept of guilt by association.

If that's not what you're saying, I'm at a loss for what you mean. It sounds to me like the Wiccan belief system is not bogged down by all that controlling circus, the Christian church.

Anything of human nature which is able be used as a controlling instrument, IS used. Fear being the major one. Wiccan and most non-abramic religions direct themselves at this life in the present instead of a mystical life hereafter.

There are all kinds of people-some ethical some not-in all groups of people whether a race a religion or a sexual preference group. Prodestant ministers and decans engaging in sexual misconduct has also come out.

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Wicca is not exempt. I know firsthand that there are many kind ethical and loving Wiccans, Catholics, and Prodestants. Same goes for all religions. Again I must point out that what you practice and advocate is not shared by all Wiccans. I was born into a hereditary BTW coven that practiced generational incest as part of sex magic rituals.

Though I chose not to carry that forward with my own children.

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I want to learn magic and other things meet some friends maybe relationship. I'm to point in my life I'm 59 thinking my life's over a friend told me about magic so I want to see if it helps my eyes and heart since I've not been happy after getting burned so many times in my life I have copied of grimoures and need some one to teach me I live in Chicago I don't drive that's one problem.

Hope I didn't bore no one.

Jan 12,   Wicca, in particular, extends that possession to sexual acts, whether literal or metaphorical," he goes on to say that by making sex sacred, "Wiccans in all countries set their own stamp on nature religion, uniting in their bodies the cosmic and . Some Wiccan couples who form a loving, committed and sexually active relationship include an act of sexual intercourse during their Great Rite. Again, this symbolizes the union of the God and Goddess. This is done in private and involves only the two Wiccans. Watch Pagan Sex Ritual porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Pagan Sex Ritual scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own.

The doctrine of the immaculate conception refers to Mary's conception through absolutely natural sexual means without the weakness of original sin. She is born as a second Eve and perfect mother, with an absolutely perfect human nature. So to clarify, the Immaculate Conception is about Mary, not the second person of the Trinity. Among Christians, it is only officially promulgated as dogma by the Catholic Church, although Orthodox are not hostile towards it.

It is rejected by all Protestants as contrary to the belief that all of humanity, without exception, have either committed actual sin, or at least have inherited original sin. There is no list in what's allowed and what's not allowed.

We do have ethics, such as behaving responsibly and thinking about the consequences of our actions, but it's up to the individual to interpret that and decide for oneself when making choices for one's own life. A lot depends on the situation. You and your husband have to decide for yourselves whether this desire for threesomes or an open marriage is a healthy expression for each of you.

You have to look at it together and figure out if you're enhancing or damaging your relationship, or if this expression of lust is an unhealthy expression for one or both of you or anyone else involved.

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Basically, your sex lives are your personal business, no other Wiccan can dictate to you what to do or not to do. If nobody's getting hurt, being taken advantage of, being exploited or treated in some manner that's manifesting in an unhealthy way in their lives, there doesn't seem to be a problem with ethics; it's more of a matter of comfort zones and opinions. Hi im a wiccan women who is into wicca very much im married and do fantasise about having sexual relationship with another partner and my husband is open to 3somes is this acceptable within wiccan sexual laws.

What is the Great Rite? And What is Ritual Sex?

I have been studying this Hub as I am on the seekers path to Wicca I am formerly Catholic and have come to the conclusion that all forms of Christianity have gone far away from what they are meant to be. Wicca has always been in the back of my mind, and I have a friend who was raised as Wiccan.

He got me started on this path. May I say thank you for this Hub. It is a grat way to talk about a subject most avoid.

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I am hoping to become Wiccan, but will be doing this on my own. So now that I know this Hub thing exist, I have a place to come to when I have questions.

Blessed be. Thanks very much jonnycomelately. It's definitely a misunderstood topic from those outside of our faith so I'm glad you found it informative. I appreciate your comments. WiccanSage, this is a fine Hub. Thank you for presenting all the information so clearly.

It approaches various cts in a way that I can relate to. It gives voice to some of the basic principles which I support in everyday life. Thanks M, I appreciate your comment from your unique point of view. I agree, it doesn't have to be one extreme or the other the way some people make it sound. Thanks for sharing. This is a perfect article!

I was raised as a Muslim, and I still respect it and other religions. I recently turned to Wicca, and this article was very explanatory. I was always comfortable skyclad privately if not in my own skin, and in my opinion, safe, sane, consensual sex is not something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

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Not that you should be In my personal opinion, sex is a private and beautiful thing, and it shouldn't be classified as 'shameful' or 'slutty' if a woman has consensual sex before marriage. I have a large amount of interest in this particular topic and will be reading further. Many thanks for this comprehensive article.

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