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Love & Sex with Virgo

He is causal in approach, subdued in manner and laid back in his action. Such unexpected attention charges him up. He starts to feel vibes inside. At this point in time, things get a move on in the relationship. Virgo man knows falling in love is special.

Sex is monotonous.

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He never tries fancy tricks while having sex. That makes things easy for the lady. He knows when to be passive and when to take charge of the proceedings. It is always better if a Virgo man partner talks to him about sexual intimacy.

The Virgo man is a perfectionist, and he brings that into all cts of his life. He will also want a partner who attempts to keep things perfect even though mistakes will happen. The Virgo man is extremely analytical and over-thinks many areas of life. If you want to attract a Virgo male, then you need to appeal to his analytical and critical. May 08,   If not engaged by something, the Virgo man will be happy doing it in the position he's already used with. He likes having sex under the cover. He will take her from behind and he will love it. As far as you don't force him to do anything, the Virgo man will be interested in trying new things.

Due to his cozy nature, Virgo man is always open to the suggestions and can tinker with his method if needed. Dictation would only make matters worse for the health of the relationship.

But to his credit, Virgo man will stay devoted to the woman he gets attached. He will never cheat her nor will treat her harshly. He will make his best effort to please the woman he desires sex with.

Virgo man prefers a cozy atmosphere while having sex.

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He often gets irritated when exposed to the bright and upbeat environment. Preferably, he would like to perform the sexual activity beneath the covers. Most of the Virgo guys are bi-sexual. But it is a hard task to get them vocal about their sexual preferences.

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They will keep their mouth shut about their sexuality all their lives. Your email address will not be published.

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Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. They are a wick that slowly burns into the art of love. When this wick is lit properly, there is an explosion that will take a long time to shut down.

The Virgo's are very dignified in the habits of others, which can be quite detrimental to the search for their second half.

They are very difficult to open. Everyone who wants to open the Virgo man's mouth and talk about his feelings must have patience.

Virgo Man: Love, Personality Traits & More

Of course, the reward is at the end when you get a loyal partner. A man born of Virgo is constantly looking for perfection and living a neat life. The Virgo does not want to see scattered clothes, unwashed vessels or items that are not in their place. Disorder totally "takes the Virgo out of his track" that he must stop for a moment to take a deep breath.

If you love a man born in the sign of Virgo, you better not create a mess for him. The Virgo man cares about everything. He is worried if he is late somewhere; for his meal or in anything or anything he may have forgotten to buy from a market.

SEX WITH A VIRGO: "Clean Freaks"

The man born in the sign of Virgo takes care of virtually every detail in his life, whether it is important or irrelevant. The Virgo man is the very attractive sign, but he is not acutely aware of his sexual affinities and can sometimes be hard to turn on this lover.

And when it comes to love, the Virgo man thinks logically and wants to figure out whether it's worthwhile to try to get in a relationship before relinquishing his feelings.

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It is easy to fall in love with a Virgo man because of his indifferent and cool appearance. To convince a Virgo that you are the right choice for him is indeed a success because the born ones in this sign are in the eternal pursuit of a perfect partner.

Only if the Virgo man realizes that love is an imperfect category, he will find his happiness.


The Virgo man in sex seeks perfection, and therefore he spends a lot of his time searching for the perfect partner. Some of them prefer to feel self-indulgent to get rid of the sexual tension and can wait for the right partner for a long time. The Virgo man is too critical, analytical and cautious, afraid of diseases and infections, so before he has sex with someone needs to pass a long time.

The man in a sign of a Virgo is not an individual who would accept games sexually for one night only, he is too modest and reserved, and according to him, sex should not have great significance in the relationship. For the Virgo man, the most important thing about sex is the little things in sex - the ultimate turn on. Very often the magic of sex is precisely in those "trifles," and the Virgo is a master of them.

The Virgo man does not want surprises and experiments, but he wants everything to be planned to the last detail. The Virgo man's ideal for a woman is one whose desire for sex increases with each passing year. While men of other zodiac signs lose their desire for sex and disappoint their wives, the Virgo man becomes more biased and more innovative in marriage.

If you want to fully enjoy yourself in your relationship or marriage with the Virgo man, try not only during the foreplay but also during sex to gently touch his stomach.

Start with a massage of his stomach. Be gentle during sex with a Virgo, without any sudden strokes. It will shake him, and he will give up on the idea of sex.

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The Virgo is a fan of all forms of standing sex and those postures that show apparent dominance over his partner. The Virgo man loves poses in which he can see large parts of the partner's body because it sexually burns them.

Although in life the Virgo wants to have a sense of control, the man in the sign of a Virgo sexually is a completely different person. A favorite fetish is his role as a submissive sex slave who suffers from the will of his master.

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Ropes, foxes, ties, silk scarves, everything can serve to accomplish the fetish of subjection to the Virgo. Because discretion is the trademark of the Virgo, do not try anything in public places. Sexually means inside the four walls, and there the Virgo will gladly show you how they work with their refined fingers, another turn on. The Virgo man keeps his emotions under control because he knows that he is sometimes sensitive, but also because he does not want to have an exaggerated reaction.

Often it takes a lot of time to find out what is tormenting the Virgo and most often it will come in the form of an explosion quarrel in bed because he has kept things for a long time. Allow him a safe place where he can sexually express his feelings and do not pour on him when he explodes. If you want to take the Virgo man into bed, you will have to find the right way.

Virgo Sex. Sexuality Traits of the Zodiac Sign Virgo. To Virgo, nothing is easy. Certainly not sex. Virgo strives for perfection and is prepared to put in any effort, spend any amount of time, to get there. The perfection sought is a technical one, what to do and how to do it. Emotions are secondary. Virgo man wants to calm in life. Virgo man in bed is no different. When he decides to have sex he conveys it to his partner. He is straightforward in a relationship. He demands respect and knows how to respect his partner. Even in a relationship, he maintains boundaries and strictly adheres to them. Love and sex hold different meaning when we. Jan 17,   The Virgo Man: In love & Sex Life. A Virgo man in love is a very particular flavor really only meant for those with the most discerning palates. He is the caviar and truffle oil of the zodiac's lovers. In other words, if you're more of a meat and potatoes or hot-dog and bag of chips sort of person, this may not be a match made in heaven.

The Virgo is excited by mental connection above all. The Virgo is very sensitive and puts your satisfaction in the first place. When the Virgo sees that you are excited, it instantly excites him - so do not be embarrassed and tell him what you want.

Virgo male sex

The Virgo man wants to experiment with bed techniques and, of course, will perfect their techniques only to lead you to lust. The Virgo man wants a position in which he can manage the situation, so just let it go - he will take care of you too. Put on your best lingerie and tie yourself to the bed.

He will be delighted in the fact that he should take the control. The Virgo man is planning exactly every detail that will provide his partner pleasure.

Dec 02,   Virgo and Libra. Libra's attractive exterior will draw you in, if for no other reason than how difficult it is for you to find fault with it. Libra, whether male or female, is almost always beautiful in some way or other. This uncannily intelligent person's exquisite taste and . Jun 02,   For the Virgo man, the most important thing about sex is the little things in sex - the ultimate turn on. Very often the magic of sex is precisely in those "trifles," and the Virgo is a master of them. The Virgo man does not want surprises and experiments, but he wants everything to . Mar 26,   Virgo men and women may be the most calm, cool and collected of zodiac signs, but they can go wild in the bedroom, so here are the best tips on how to have great sex with a male .

He will pay attention to personal hygiene, clean house, cooking, or choose a small, intimate restaurant that is not far from home. Hail him; make sure nobody breaks up the time together - no loud sounds or unneeded ringing cell phones.

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