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2 Chainz- Having Sex (feat. Juicy j Trina)

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Self - Stimulation Instructor uncredited. Slow Adults Alternate Names: Trina Micheals Trina. Edit Did You Know? Star Sign: Capricorn. Trina shrugged. She saw one of the men draw his gun, she ducked, he fired, shooting the man across from him dead. Trina swept his legs, causing him to trip. She pounced on top, punching him several times until he was unconscious. She had no time to catch her breath. The huge, muscular man emerged from the exploded meth lab on fire, a grin on his face.

He rushed toward Trina. Let me guess, you guys make and sell PCP here too? She shot him several times, emptying the gun, most of the bullets landing in his chest, the final one in his head. He collapsed in front of Trina, still on fire. Another explosion came from behind Trina, she ducked, fiery debris falling all around her, catching a nearby, gas-covered building on fire.

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The grenades were next. It was like a fireworks show that kept going and going. Trina remained hidden behind the truck. She was able to watch all the buildings she made a path of oil to, light up, catching on fire from explosions, then exploding themselves. She saw armed men, in a panic, exiting the mansion, only to be taken out by a fireball, or other explosion. When the final explosions subsided, she stood, reaching into the truck, grabbing more grenades from the box in the passenger side seat.

She unpinned them and tossed them to the other trucks, ducking as they exploded. One final task remained. She got in the truck, the keys left in the ignition, started it and backed up towards the exit. Trina got out, got the rocket launcher, and loaded it with a single rocket. She fired the rocket toward the mansion, a good feet away. It hit near the front door, off to the side a bit, a few men being taken out by the blast.

Trina got back in the truck, floored the gas pedal and headed straight towards the stairs leading to the front door. She waited until she was near the front steps of the mansion, grabbed a grenade from the box, unpinned it and tossed it to the floor.

She watched the truck careen up the stairs and bust through the front door, exploding, sending a huge fireball through the roof into the sky. Trina started running towards the exit of the compound, more grenades going off in the mansion behind her.

Trina have sex

When she got to the beginning of the long driveway, she watched a few men scurry about on fire, the compound in ruins - leaving barely enough for evidence should any authorities in nearby counties see the fiery display. She saw someone emerge from the fire and wreckage at the front door. Trina stared at the man in the distance, she could tell he was staring right back at her. She knew who we was.

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She rushed down the dirt driveway, turning left at the end. Finally she heard him behind a large boulder.

He emerged, limping slightly. You see the fire? Can you make it? If we can make it to camp, we can retrace our way from there. He was badly burned on his right arm, and parts of his face, a tire from the exploding truck grazed his leg, deeply bruising the thigh. He limped toward the destroyed weapon shack, carefully searching for something, anything that was usable for his hunt. With an entire box of grenades exploding in that one shack, nothing was left.

Derrick only had a revolver at his side, grabbing it from next to his bed when he first heard the explosions outside.

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It would have to do. He saw bits and pieces of burning debris spread throughout the darkened forest before him. There was a large piece of a truck, the engine, most of the cab he though, lighting up the forest below.

Derrick saw someone move past it. It appeared to be a naked woman helping someone - Trina and her son. In his anger, Derrick opened fire, missing three shots. He gave chase, stumbling and rolling down the large embankment, landing on his back, hitting his head on a rock. Before he lost consciousness he saw Trina in the distance disappear into the shadows. Struggling to go on. They ran as fast as Richie could go when they heard the three shots fired from the compound.

No longer able to see any flames from the compound behind them, careful to maintain their course to the waterfall. Trina knew Derrick was still alive and would chase after them - she was counting on it. But Trina had other plans. She wanted to get to the waterfall, but she also wanted time alone with Richie.

On her knees in front of him, she examined her son in the moonlight streaming through a small clearing in the trees. He looked tired, beaten, his cough concerning her. She sat next to him, her nakedness never being brought up.

Her arm around him, she held him against her, kissing his head. After about 30 minutes, the moonlight started getting dimmer. She thought she heard a low rumble of a helicopter in the distance. Trina held her son, letting him rest, his breathing becoming better. She cursed herself for not acting sooner, for prolonging his exposure to the meth labs fumes. Pushing those thoughts aside, she noticed the moon was covered by clouds. Thunder and lightning occasionally lit their way, eventually leading up to a downpour.

Trina saw a large, motionless shadow in the distance between lightning strikes. It was a large rock overhang. She and Richie ducked inside, soaking wet, cold, but no longer exposed to the rain. It appeared to be a small cave on the side of a cliff.

Richie was shivering. His mother was too, but she ignored it to keep him warm. Holding him against her nude body, she closed her eyes, thinking of the words to say. She opted to laugh instead. What I went through changed me. We only live once and you are the most important person in my life. Then I started thinking about things, wondering if we would ever cross any lines. We were so close at times. Then we got distracted the last few months with the move and packing. I thought a nice mom and son camping trip would be great.

Maybe your hands could roam and touch me. I think so.

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I mean, I wanted something to happen to. I wanted us to cross a line. I, I wanted you. I was so scared something would happen between us. I was so scared of losing you last year, what if I lost you in another way?

I want to show you how much I love you. Look at us. Do you still want me? So I backed off, I tried to avoid being close to you back at camp. Maybe I came to my senses and remembered who you were. We can be sexual with each other. Lightning flashed, Richie saw her looking at him, smiling softly. She caressed his face again. Trina pulled his knees away from his chest and slowly swung her legs over him, straddling him. Richie remained quiet, coughing a couple times. Trina tipped his chin with her index finger, their eyes meeting as lightning flashed.

The rain settled down a bit, not as strong of a downpour. His mother smiled back at him, helping him remove his t-shirt.

She grabbed his face with both hands, bringing his lips to hers, closing her eyes, moaning as she kissed him. She thought about their past, how she suspected her son spying on her, seeing her naked, wanting her - and now she was giving herself to him. They kept kissing, their lips pressing against the other, an occasional soft lap of a tongue against the bottom lip. Trina continued holding his face, electricity flowing down her spine.

Richie complied, allowing his mother to tug at his shorts and boxers, pulling them down. His erection sprang forth, Trina looked upon it, her mouth open, exhaling her hot breath onto his shaft. Lightning struck in the distance, lighting up the small cave.

Clouds were dissipating, the moon visible once again. She engulfed his cock, straight down to the hilt. She moaned, her throat vibrating around his cockhead, her tongue sliding out of her mouth, tickling his testicles.

He had the perfect cock. Gagging on his cock, satisfied it was well lubricated with her drool, Trina sucked the tip while jacking the shaft. It was delicious.

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She was furiously rubbing her clit as she worked. She stopped her oral servicing, standing, smiling down at her son, now illuminated by moonlight. She squatted directly above him, grabbing the base of his cock and guiding it into her wet pussy. It easily went in as Trina had never been this wet before in her entire life.

Life is far too short and precious to not show someone how you feel. You and I will be like this, like lovers. Are you ready? I need you to fill me up, Richie. She placed her hands on his shoulders to steady herself as she bounced up and down. Her own orgasm was closer now than before - the pleasure of this taboo act overcoming her. Yes baby! They were both cumming.

She impaled herself on his dick one last time, her body tense, her spine electrified, her legs a wobbly mess.

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Richie moaned, filling her womb with his seed. She collapsed in his arms, resting her head on his shoulder, a smile on her face.

Jan 31,   Juicy J teams up with 2 Chainz and Trina for this new club banger, expect to hear this play more often. Trina, a former Miami police officer, survived traumatic, horrific events, and was stranger indeed. Lying in her hospital bed, Richie crying by her side, he confessed something Trina already suspected - he had been spying on her, even watching her, hidden, have sex with a friend. Jul 30,   Trina: A Tale of Sex, Love and Longevity show your true personality," Trina says. "But you have to be comfortable within your own skin. the intricacies of sex and relationships, Trina.

She had done it. They crossed the line, never looking back, on this mom and son camping trip. Chapter 12 - Pursuit The helicopters woke Derrick. He crawled to his feet and kept moving. He had to find Trina and her son - his rage overcoming him. The rainstorm slowed him down during the night. He kept going, stumbling, limping onward. He saw them head in that direction. If he could get there before or when they do, he could ambush them.

With three bullets left in his revolver he kept going. He look around seeing a large rock overhang in the distance. Limping by it he saw a t-shirt in the small cave area. Derrick recognized it.

It belonged to the younger guy he beat up and threw into the meth lab to choke on fumes. He threw the shirt down and kept going in the direction of their camp.

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Richie was better though, his breathing was easier. He was wearing shorts, his mother still nude, as they cross streams and wilderness, hoping they were still heading in the direction of the waterfall. They stopped a few times and rested.

Trina swallowed his semen for nourishment.

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An hour later, Richie pinned her against a tree, ramming into her from behind. Trina came easily then. She loved being out in the woods, getting fucked like an animal by her son. When Richie was ready to blow his load, he turned her around, leaned down to suck her tits, then stood, letting Trina jack his erupting cock all over her stomach.

She hugged her son, looking over his shoulder, when something, someone caught her eye. She knew who it was. A smile formed on her face. Derrick was chasing them.

He was far behind them and in pain, but his rage was fueling him. His pistol drawn, he struggled to catch up to them. Trina and Richie made it to familiar clearing.

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They were near their camp, the waterfall visible in the distance. Trina kissed Richie again, guiding him to the grass in the field. Richie was pumping his hips in and out, the sounds of an injured, approaching maniac getting closer.

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The kept rolling, Richie finally pinning her down, on top of her, in the morning sunlight, slamming his hips into her. She brought him down for another kiss, sending him over the edge.

Juicy J ft. 2 Chainz & Trina - Having Sex (New Music February 2013)

You know the way. Follow the plan! Hitting nothing, he pressed on closer to Trina. Richie was running up the path next to the waterfall, where they were when they first arrived. Trina saw he was out of sight and took off running. Derrick fired again and missed. Trina ducked behind a large tree, waiting, and watching. Derrick was closer now, Trina made another run for it. He fired missing her again, grunting in pain.

Trina kept running up the path, stopping once more to hide and wait. She watched Derrick check his pistol, throwing it to ground in anger - he was empty. Trine took off again, pretending to sprain her ankle. She looked over her shoulder in fear, seeing Derrick limping towards her, now 50 feet away. She kept going, crossing a stream, limping to the edge of the waterfall, collapsing, seemingly giving up.

It took Derrick a few minutes to catch up, Trina had nowhere to go, the 80 foot drop behind her. Trina nodded, presumably admitting defeating, rubbing her ankle. Derrick grabbed her hair with his injured arm, raising his left into the air to strike her.

I might as well go out sucking cock. Take that cock. Trina broke eye contact with Derrick, glancing to her right, winking. Trina curled up behind him. He put his arms up to block the blow, but the impact made him fall backward, tripping over Trina. Derrick fell over the cliff, landing 80 feet below. Mother and son stood, arms around each other, looking at the lifeless body at the base of the waterfall. His neck broken, his skull cracked, blood was spilling out of his head into the water, flowing away in the current.

Trina smiled, her planned had worked. Chapter 13 - Leaving Camp Trina and her son arrived at camp, albeit a completely burned and ruined one, a little later.

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She dug through the ashes, looking for anything left. She found her gun, and oddly enough, her wallet, nearly intact. Richie put her wallet in his shorts and continued searching the camp. They found a few other items, trash, and piece of a sleeping bag - plenty of items authorities could use as evidence in an investigation, should Trina and Richie have been reported missing. Roger was truly incompetent. Carrying a few items, heading back down a familiar trail, and the gravel road they traveled on to get to camp, Richie had his arm around his nude mother.

Look at us now. No going back either. When we get home, sex will continue, right? They kept walking on, getting closer to the general store Trina bought a few items from, when they saw a familiar face.

He was eating grass on the side of the road. She turned around to straddle Richie. Daisy neighed and followed them. is made for adult by Trina Michaels porn lover like you. View Trina Michaels Pics and every kind of Trina Michaels sex you could want - and it will always be free! We can assure you that nobody has more variety of porn content than we do. We have every kind of Pics that it is possible to find on the internet right here. Trina Michaels and Vanessa Blue have interracial group sex. Watch now free porn clips at like Trina Michaels and Vanessa Blue have interracial group sex. Daily NEW. Watch Trina Having Sex porn videos for free, here on Discover the growing collection of high quality Most Relevant XXX movies and clips. No other sex tube is more popular and features more Trina Having Sex scenes than Pornhub! Browse through our impressive selection of porn videos in HD quality on any device you own.

They were on a normal road now, galloping past the general store, heading into town. They passed it on their way in. A car with an elderly couple drove by.

Richie saw the station in the distance. Bringing Dale to a stop, Daisy next to him, mom and son hopped off and made their way to the front door. She had just relayed their story, leaving out the part where her and her son had sex. None of us would ever have, pardon my French, the balls to take them on.

Someone suggested a good camping spot near their compound I guess. She and Richie learned that Shaun supplied drugs to most of the east coast, along with illegal weapons for various gangs.

Shaun was a rich kid, who inherited that land and mansion. She learned he lived in Los Angeles, but visited the area often to check on things. The park ranger said that his visits tend to coincide with missing persons reports. He suggested Shaun abducts local girls, and restated no one had the courage to do something about it.

The park ranger called an ambulance to pick up Trina and Richie to take to the hospital. Love Trina! Still think she has one of the prettiest faces in the biz. If I'm nit picking, I'd ask that she lose the clit piercing. Never been a fan. I find them distracting. I would love to know if she's available for any "private work" in Las Vegas? Happy B'day Trina! Keep the political commentary to yourself and stick to what you are good at - sucking cock and getting fucked.

What a body Trina Michaels have, wow! She is a gorgeous goddess legend!!! What a smokin hot body. A pure fuck slut. Happy birthday Trina! Not sure what I like better Trina solo in lingerie I just look forward to more of her!

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