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10 Fairly Odd Parents Moments That Were NOT Meant For Kids

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Danny Phantom 26? Madeline Fenton 26? Timmy's Dad 25? Dexters Laboratory 25? Dexters Mom 25? Lila Test 22? Name Password Create Account. According to Timmy, he did this for over fifty years with nobody else, not even his own fairies, being aware of this, as he wished for Cosmo to forget about making the wish.

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After he was found out, Timmy nearly lost his fairies for good, and because he wished Poof into existence, Poof and Foop were temporarily erased from existence along with any other wish Timmy had made. After Timmy impressed the Fairy Council with his heroic actions rescuing his fairies and friends, they allowed Timmy to keep his fairies, but reversed the effects of Timmy's time stop wish.

In the Fairly Odd Movie, Timmy manages to keep his fairies even longer by acting like a child well into adulthood, until the Fairy Council creates the Timmy Turner Loopholeallowing Timmy to keep his fairies for as long as he makes unselfish wishes. Before the Fairly OddParents was created, the original concept of Timmy Turner used to wear a red shirt and a blue hat.

In the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts, Timmy was voiced by the late Mary Kay Bergmanand was replaced by Tara Strong for the main series after the original actress died.

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Timmy's original voice in the shorts was dubbed over by Tara Strong when these shorts were shown along with the Crimson Chin webisodes the exception to this being " Where's the Wand?

The adult version of Timmy was voiced by Alec Baldwin in the television special, " Channel Chasers ".

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Timmy is sometimes shown to be mean and callous to other characters, sometimes his own friends, and particularly Vicky's little sister Tootiethough he has usually made up to them whenever going too far. His tendency to be selfish was highlighted in the television special " Fairy Idol ", where a Timmy-clone drove Cosmo and Wanda away by ungratefully using their magic and overworking them as part of Norm's plan to get revenge on Timmy. Even after learning about the ruse, Cosmo and Wanda were reluctant to return to Timmy because of his behavior, but did so anyway when they saw how much he cared for them.

After season 5, specifically, after Poof's birth, Timmy started having nervous ticks whenever he got was surprised by some unfortunate event, such as constantly losing Poof. These ticks are remarkably similar to Crocker's ticks whenever he says "fairy godparents", although less scandalous, mumbling "gah's" and "duh's" while making many facial expressions of astonishment.

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Timmy's weaknesses are bare feet, oranges, clowns, [7] man eggs, his dad's butt Also known as "Full Moon" and being allergic to sauerkraut. Timmy Turner is the only child of Mr. Turner and Mrs. He is the grandson of Pappy from his father's side of the family, and Grandma Gladys and Grandpa Vlad from his mother's side.

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His maternal grandparents immigrated to America from Ustinkistan many years ago to start up a business called Yak in the Box But his first idea was to sail to America first on the Soggy Turnipwhich became a very successful restaurant chain. Pappy's ancestry is unknown, but he has lived in America since at least the s. Every time Mr. Turner find unexpected things Timmy has in his room, they ask Timmy where he got those stuff, and Timmy says, "Uhh, Internet?

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Timmy's closest relatives are, of course, his parents. He loves them very much, and the feeling is mutual. However, his parents sometimes seem to disregard to their son's feelings and needs over their own, which is to get out of the house as often as possible for their interests, leaving Timmy to the mercy of his evil babysitter, Vicky.

They also tend to coldly ignore him, lie to him without guilt, and do stupid things at Timmy's expense. They have even gone to great lengths to find friends to escape "the boy" as they once called him. Timmy's Mom is more sensitive and kind to Timmy while his Dad is more selfish. Timmy has a better relationship with his godparents and baby godbrother, CosmoWandaand Poof. They love each other as much as any other family.

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Timmy also grew close with his Pappyafter he came to fill in for Vicky one night, when he learned just how great old cartoons could be, although due to a wish that made Pappy sound like a lunatic, Timmy's parents chose not to have Pappy remain as Timmy's full-time babysitter. Besides his parents and godparents, Timmy supposedly has Catman for a legal guardian, but it's more of a reversed role, as Timmy usually has to get Catman out of trouble or help him when he's feeling down.

Timmy also has an excellent relationship with his maternal grandparents Grandma Gladys and Grandpa Vlad which has become better because he was the one who made Grandpa Vlad "realize" his dream. Before Timmy was born, they thought he was going to be a girl, so they brought him stereotypically girly things. This explains why Timmy wears a pink shirt and a pink hat. When he was born, Mr. Turner wanted to call him "Bono", but Mrs.

Turner wanted him to be "Timmy".

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It is implied in " Timmy's Secret Wish! However, " The "Good Old Days!

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As Timmy grew older, his dad recorded everything that he did everyday, and put it all on tape so they could watch it later. When he turned 8, Timmy's parents told a lie that made Timmy get stuck with the evil babysitter Vicky. The two fairies became Timmy's "fairy godparents", watching over him and granting wishes to make him less miserable.

This was revealed in the movie: Abra-Catastrophe! Timmy's birthday is, in fact, the day after that of celebrity Chip Skylark. Timmy and his friends as superheroes during The Big Superhero Wish! Timmy has two best friends: Chester McBadbat and A. Timmy and his friends are considered "unpopular kids" by the rest of the school, although Timmy, Chester, and A.

Even though Francis's size and brutality hopelessly outmatch him, Timmy will still stand up to him. In " Kung Timmy " he was able to beat Francis in a fight with the help of his fairies, as kung-fu could only be used in defense, and when Francis was about to beat up Tootie for cheering on Timmy, he was easily able to save her and beat Francis so badly that Timmy's father could use his son as a threat to get Francis to clean up the mess he made at the Turner's House.

Tad and Chadthe two popular boys opposite of Trixie and Veronica, also consider him unpopular as well and treat him just as badly. Denzel Crocker is a teacher at Timmy's school who believes in fairies and follows Timmy around, trying to show the world Timmy's fairies and proving that fairies DO exist. Crocker from losing his godparents who happened to be Cosmo and Wanda as wellbut in the end, just caused Crocker's insanity, instead of preventing it.

In the bad future shown in " Channel Chasers ", twenty years in the future Timmy will have sneaked into Future Vicky 's forces after she had taken over and destroyed the world. Timmy is shown to be a powerful, skilled fighter, who easily dispatches an entire squad of Vicky's forces for her entertainment and earns her trust while in disguise.

After Vicky gets her hands on future A.

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Future Timmy instead chases his younger counterpart through television until younger Timmy manages to capture and interrogate him. Future Timmy reveals himself and his true intent to Timmy and the viewer, and the two Timmy's team up to stop her. Although Vicky eventually damages Future Timmy's time belt, causing him to fade back into the future, younger Timmy succeeds into stopping Vicky and retrieving both TV remotes, thereby denying Vicky her power and changing Future Timmy's timeline for the better.

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After the timeline is restored, a vision of the new good future appears. His spouse is unrevealed, but the children were given characteristics of both Tootie and Trixie Tanghis most common love interests in the show, to leave Timmy's romantic struggles open for future episode plots.

He is shown glancing at a photograph he took with Cosmo and Wanda, but they are replaced with real goldfish, and he does not recall anything in particular about them. Cosmo and Wanda are shown to still live with Timmy, who is shown making the same neglectful mistakes as his parents had made, such as leaving his kids with an evil babysitter.

The evil babysitter was a Vicky Bot [15]. In the episode, " Chin Up! Timmy entered the universe of Crimson Chin, and helped him regain it, as Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder a tribute to Robin from Batmanand acts as his sidekick.

Cleft's powers are suit-based, and can pull any prop or weapon out of his cleft. In the episode Chindred Spiritshe decide to investigate the Chin on why his comics was so boring and miserable and goes to Chincinnati thus Poof turned into his sidekick: Puppy Poof just like his parents. After investigating he wished that the Chin can find his true love which was Golden Locks. This alias was playable in the video games Enter the Cleft!

Nega-Timmy was created when Timmy's father told him to be good right after he wished to do the direct opposite of what ever his parents told him to. He nearly destroyed the make up factory which would have caused disasters if it succeeds.

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It luckily didn't due to Mr. Turner wanting Timmy to be as evil as possible and Timmy now good wishes the wave away from the factory. He was originally his evil form and is later his evil twin. Gary is an imaginary boy that Timmy made up when he was five years old, so that he could have a friend to play with.

Timmy was Gary. Later, when he was ten and got his fairies, he wished for Gary to be real. Although Gary was really cool and nice to Timmy at first Which obviously was furious when he locked him up in a box when he angrily said: You!! When Timmy asked why, Gary revealed that he was angry that Timmy kept him locked away in his mind for so long after he got "real friends" as Gary claims.

Eventually Timmy defeats him by going into his own mind and beating Gary with ten year old toys, as well as a memory of Vicky. Later, Gary appears on Unwish Islandleading Timmy's other unwished wishes on a plot to kidnap Timmy's friends and family, and lure him into a trap.

He was stopped again when Timmy wished up clones of himself to serve Gary and the others, so that way they can be at peace with Timmy. Gah with Cosmo and Wanda. In Love at First Heightonce while at the amusement park, Timmy was too short to ride the Heart Stopper so he wishes he had the body of a 16 year-old, hunky teenager but still have the mind of a 10 year-old boy; thus, becoming a "supermodel" a reference to some supermodels' childish attitudes.

When Vicky sits next to him on the ride, he utters,"Gah! When Vicky asked, "What sort of name is 'Gah'?

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Vicky wanted to go after him and when she demanded Timmy where he went, Timmy stated that he had to go back to Norwegia. Timmy wishes his parents were superheroes, Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad, but later regrets it when they were too busy saving the world to spend time with him. Timmy wishes their powers were gone but they were, "so superpowerful they were invulnerable to magic," and could only be wished back if they willingly gave up their powers, so Timmy wishes himself to become his comic books most powerful cosmic entity, Galactimus who is pretty much a lookalike of the Marvel Comics' cosmic entity Galactus.

Galactimus was able to defeat Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad with ridiculous ease, and ordered Cosmo and Wanda who both looked like the Silver Surferbut with skateboards instead of surfboards to remove his parents powers.

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