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16 Women Talk About Their First Time Having Sex - Glamour

Sure, there are a lot of double standards when it comes to the way men and women approach sex orgasm deficit is one huge one , but there are also a lot of straight-up misconceptions about how women really feel about it. Wouldn't it be great if this could all be cleared up? I'm not going to automatically fall in love and start planning a wedding because you gave me an orgasm. This whole idea about how girls get "so attached" after you have sex with them one single time is bullshit. I love a good one-night stand just as much as you and all your bro friends do. So don't get offended if I don't want to exchange phone numbers and go on a brunch date the next day.

I don't know where you came up with the idea that I want this sex sesh to last for an entire hour. All those things you've ever heard about how important foreplay is are true.

It's seriously mandatory and shouldn't even be considered a separate thing - it's just part of sex. Do it every single time, and don't half-ass it. I can tell when you're half-assing it. Don't take it personally or get weird when I suggest we should use some lube.

It really might take me forever to come and you make my anxiety shoot through the roof when you ask if I'm close.

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This is like the sex equivalent of someone who won't stop asking, "Are we there yet? Asking this over and over again doesn't speed up the trip, and it's only going to make it feel like it lasts longer. I want to have sex just as badly, and probably just as often, as you do. Yeah, women aren't "prude" or "cold" or whatever.

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Ditch the idea that you need to butter me up or do me a bunch of favors to get laid. Just because I'm on my period doesn't mean sex is off the table. Maybe just a little more mature.

If you really think you're ready, and you and your partner protect yourselves, it can be a really cool thing. I decided that I wanted to wait until college to lose it, but when I finally got to college, I didn't really meet anyone that I wanted to have sex with, especially not for my first time. I ultimately decided to lose it to a guy that I really, really liked but wasn't in a relationship with.

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I was just so ready to 'get it over with,' and this guy was and still is a great guy. My one regret in the entire experience is that I didn't tell him that I was a virgin. To this day he doesn't know! I was so scared that I was going to freak him out, but really, a lot of awkwardness could have been avoided if I'd just been honest.

I was 17 and I just wanted to get it over with. I asked one of the people that knew me best at the time, my sort-of boyfriend, if he would take my virginity, and he agreed. We used condoms. At first, we couldn't find the hole, but eventually, we did. Afterwards, I didn't feel much different. He was two years older than me and not a virgin, and he had been trying to persuade me for a couple months beforehand. When we finally did have sex, it was when I was ready.

I was glad that I didn't give in until I was really ready. It was painful and slightly awkward.

16 Women Talk About Their First Time Having Sex - Glamour

I had this weird feeling of elation once it was over, though, because I had always wondered what it would be like, and it had finally happened. I've never had any real regrets about the person I experienced it with or how it went down. Although I will say it would have been better in a bed and not in the passenger seat of a Honda Civic There wasn't one specific moment when it happened.

It was more of a progression from one stage to the next rather than 'here's the moment I lost my virginity' because we're both girls. I was excited and nervous and happy about the whole thing. We were both virgins and just wanted to get it over with. It wasn't pleasurable or even fun, and throughout the entire process all I could think about was, when will this be over?

Moral of the story - wait until you're really ready. It was during my freshman year of college with an upperclassman frat bro. We'd been talking for months and I was convinced he liked me, though looking back on it now, his texts of 'What are you doing tonight? At all. What stung the most was what happened after. He didn't text me at all and when I saw him at a party the next weekend he completely avoided me. If I walked into a room and we made eye contact he would immediately turn and walk out.

It felt like a huge slap in the face. I liked him, but he had finally gotten what he wanted and that was it. He was over me. I wanted nothing more than to go up to him and yell and ask him why he was being so mean to me when I had done nothing wrong, but every weekend he would completely avoid me or be talking with another girl when I walked by. I knew I wanted to sleep with him.

The 18 Things Women Love Most About Sex

I thought about it for about a week to be sure, but I knew I was ready. I brought it up first, but quickly added that if he didn't want to yet, we could wait. He immediately said he wanted to, but asked about five times if I was sure I was ready, making sure I knew that he wouldn't care if I changed my mind. He made me feel safe, he made me happy, and that made me even more sure than before that I wanted to sleep with him. It was with a guy friend that I spent a lot of time with and did physical things with, but we weren't technically in a relationship.

However, we were really good friends and I felt comfortable with him. Sex had been in the back of my mind for a while. I asked him about one month in advance if he wanted to do it with me, and he said yes. He had never had sex before, either.

May 27,   1. It doesn't just "happen." In movies, two perfectly symmetrical-faced people gaze at each other, and in the next scene they're in bed doing it. Alas, when you're single and dating, this rarely. Women do like having sex, and most of us can point to at least one or two experiences where a man orgasmed as soon as he touched you, and then rolled over and fell asleep while you wondered if. Nov 25,   43 girls get real about the first time they had sex - how they knew they were ready, who they did it with, and how they felt afterward. and I didn't tell him because I was afraid it would.

We used a condom, which he more than willingly agreed to do. Before we did it, I felt extremely nervous, but a good kind of nervous - it was something I really wanted to do, I just didn't want to mess it up.

Afterward, I honestly felt closer to him emotionally and physically, and I could tell he did too.

When we asked for the best stories about the first time you had sex, we knew there would be some weird offerings. And there definitely, definitely were. I didn't tell him what had happened the. May 11,   16 Things Women Want Men to Know About Sex. there are a lot of double standards when it comes to the way men and women approach sex (orgasm deficit is Author: Hannah Smothers. Feb 23,   Last week, we asked girls to tell us their very first hoe stories and the shit they told us was wild. So I guess we should've known when we decided to ask for kinkiest sex stories, the bar would be even we weren't ready for what they had to say. No shaming here, just good, old-fashioned fun. Give 'em a read: Kayla. I had a threesome with an ex and his dad.

Our relationship ended up becoming more serious and eventually we started dating for real. The guy I lost it to was my first love. When we finally tried to have sex, it hurt unusually badly. We kept trying the whole night, but it just wasn't happening. I eventually found out I had cysts on my ovaries. We broke up about five months later. Afterwards, I thought I had wasted that special moment on someone who didn't deserve it. But now, I'm grateful because that experience probably saved my life.

We are on good terms now, so I'm glad to say it wasn't a mistake. It happened during a Netflix and chill situation and things were escalating pretty quickly. The guy I had been talking to didn't know I was a virgin, and I didn't tell him because I was afraid it would scare him off. Losing my virginity was quick and for the most part painless. It was no worse than period cramps. Once I got home, I felt guilty because it wasn't how I imagined losing my virginityand not something you get back.

I cried for a little bit and then decided there wasn't anything more I could do about it. I couldn't change what had already happened. All in all it wasn't terrible, and I'm not sure I would change it.

I had wanted to wait until we had reached the six-month mark of our relationship, but it was about four and a half months into our relationship.

Dec 07,   Some women complain about a guy who is horny all the time, but trust me when I tell you that the opposite is way worse. No one likes a meek lover. And eye contact during the act is always a good idea. When a woman is aroused, she's confident about the way she looks, and confidence is an attractive trait in a Danielle Bacher. A good sex education book can help you cover all the topics - and it offers a place to point your child when you run out of words or feel your cheeks reddening. I recommend these first two for Author: Louanne Cole Weston, Phd.

It was on my bed in my dorm on a Sunday which I remember because his dad is a pastor! I had no pain, and it just felt right. He was gentle and it was loving.

Tell about sex

I knew I was ready because I just looked at him and wanted to be with him. The fact that he hadn't pressured me before helped, too. I remember whispering that I was ready, and he asked me twice before we actually did it if I was sure.

We spent time after just cuddling and I felt so happy. Before then, I hadn't gone very far past first base. I don't necessarily know if I felt ready or if I just felt like it was about time I got this over with, but I was doing everything I could to find the right guy. After many, many failed dates, I met my first boyfriend at a film festival. He was cute, European, and really into me.

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Within a week, he was asking me to be his girlfriend. I didn't know how I felt about him, so I kept putting off becoming official. If you are the kind of sex partner who shares the workload and if you're not, I will not be having sex with youyou'll quickly realize that cardio has its benefits in the bedroom. But eating cheese in the bedroom is great too? There is such a thing as sex lasting too long.

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Maybe your brain likes it, but if your vagina is ready to stop, roll over and watch Real Housewivesit'll lose its lubrication - and doing this over time can cause lasting damage. Direct pressure on your clitoris can be too intense and feel uncomfortable. Men don't know this, which is why "fingering" to some of them means "pounding like they're playing Doom and your clit is the space bar on the keyboard.

The person who took your virginity could mean nothing to you. We're brought up to think that we'll have mutual virginity loss with our high school boyfriend, Chad the quarterback, in a Model T overlooking Lover's Point after winning the homecoming game, and afterward cry together, or whatever the hell. Actually it might just be a rando or someone you barely know. And that doesn't mean anything's wrong with you. You're going to queef and eventually it'll get to the point where nobody laughs.

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Penetration is not the best kind of sex for everyone. And a lot of men don't even know that many of us would be psyched with clit stimulation but could take or leave penetration, in terms of orgasmic stimulus.

Fun sex can be just as good as sultry sex. It's not always gonna be like, "I'll get the wine, you light the candles; let's have sex like we kind of hate each other. And that speaks volumes about how comfortable you are around each other sexually - which leads to more, and better, orgasms.

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Lounging around post-coitally in your perfectly clean bed is not a real thing that happens.

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