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The Naked Apes - Teflon Man

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. To get the free app, enter your mobile phone number. Desmond Morris was born in He became the curator of mammals at London Zoo in , a post he held for eight years. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest ates through seller support?

We are treated to a fascinating, revealing, serious study of human ecology interlaced with humor and insight that only a first rate, dedicated zoologist could provide. This is a true, bare to the bones, scientifically detached observation of the human animal and makes no apologies for "exposing" us in our varied and peculiar habits.

An excellent eye-opening read, truly educational and enlightening! For those who are interested in biology, sociobiology, ecology, etc. It is truly off-the-charts for a study of us quirky humans. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

I really enjoyed this book when it first came out but now, of course, I'm older and have a larger point of reference. I still find it well written and entertaining but it all means something different to me now. For one thing, I find it peculiar that there is a lack of information on what a father does or doesn't contribute toward the outcome of an offspring.

It appears this author believes that how a child will turn out is entirely dependent on the mother. If she does something too little, or does the same thing too much, she will irretrievably warp her poor child, and do it all by herself. I wonder if I actually believed that back then? But now, and several adult children later, I don't. This author apparently believes there isn't a single human or animal behavior that can't be explained in some logical way.

All you have to do is look for the potential meaning in every benign activity or lack of activity and then you will recognize what it really means.

In the end I was reminded of the Freudian quote - "sometimes a cigar is just a cigar". Format: Paperback Verified Purchase.

I bought this book to read for a college book review. I was highly satisfied with my choice as this book was very insightful and interesting. It wasn't a tough read either.

The Naked Apes - Felixstowe Carnival 2016

The information was presented in an organized manner and if you enjoy evolution as a subject, you will enjoy what this book has to offer. One person found this helpful. In January ofI wrote the following review of it: "I enjoyed this book tremendously. It's very instructive, full of new insight, and beautifully written. I especially liked the author's interpretation of the origin of the concept of God. Very highly recommended. When I contacted Amazon's Customer Service to let them know about this mix up, I was told about this linkage and that I can edit my review.

However, if I edit my review, it'll again appear on both books, which is very strange. Anyway, I gave The Naked Ape five stars and reviewed it as above.

I also liked very much his discussion of inventiveness and creativity. What I didn't like was his interpretation of homosexuality as being caused exclusively by social factors, ignoring the most obvious genetic cause. I also don't agree with him when he says, ". Finally, I also found his discussion of male fashion cycles somewhat lengthy and boring. The first 2 chapters are interesting and after that it goes rapidly downhill with very boring and overly complex and very speculation on other matters of human behavior.

A really eye opening book on how humans aren't as different to animals as we think and some ways how we're kind of inferior in a way. This book is great to read. Whether you believe what's been written or not, not-so-religious people can't deny evolution. You believe what I just said? Grab a copy of the book now! Don't believe me? Good, as I don't buy into everything that has been said as well. But I do think it's important that the more views you have, the better your fundamentent for judgement is.

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This book certainly has some very strong points and may sound familiar to you. So, just with psychology and Dr. Phil, don't believe everything that's being said, but make up your own mind.

Maybe this book will be 'a changing day in your life See all reviews from the United States. Top international reviews. In it's day, a controversial book. I like its 'conversational' style, and surprisingly doesn't come across as too 'dated'.

Treating human beings as just another species of ape, it looks at our species from a zoologist's point of view, and comments on our behaviour and evolution in much the same way we might study any animal. For example, Morris wrote that the intense human pair bond evolved so that men who were out hunting could trust that their mates back home were not having sex with other men, and suggested the possibility that sparse body hair evolved because the "nakedness" helped intensify pair bonding by increasing tactile pleasure.

A film directed by Donald Driver, very loosely based on the book, was made starring Johnny Crawford and Victoria Principal. Beyond their scripts being loosely based on his book, Morris was not involved in either film. Supreme Court case in The book is mentioned in the Italian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest " Occidentali's Karma " by Francesco Gabbaniin which most of the lyrics contain philosophical references.

The lyricist had read The Naked Ape himself. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the book.

We are the naked apes of the world, having shed most of our body hair long ago

For the rock band, see Naked Ape band. For other uses, see Naked Ape disambiguation. However hard we try to 'twist' and 'distort' our true nature, we will keep returning to the animal truth. This position has generally been rejected by philosophers and social scientists, with good reason. Since zoology is a field of study undertaken by socialised humans, its premises are culturally constructed and determined. I am not trying to deny physical reality or suggest that nothing can be learned from research, but we can't seriously talk about 'facts' isolated from culture, as Morris tries to do.

The simple example of his account of taste sensation is instructive. He repeats the 'fact' that we detect four tastes and the 'fact' that different parts of the tongue are sensitive to each of them. Both of these 'facts' are wrong - they are mistaken interpretations which other cultures have not shared. This reminds me of a lecture I once heard, in which we were asked to state the number of our senses. Pliny said five, and it's become a cultural commonplace, but that's all it is.

Morris says that as his book is intended for popular consumption it would be silly to include references.

Sep 24,   The Naked Ape was colossally successful - 20m copies have been sold, which is an astonishing number for a book ostensibly about human evolution. Supporters have argued that its . Aug 01,   (Stills from her nude scenes here were much later exploited as bogus evidence of a past "softcore" career after she'd achieved fame in the TV series "Dallas.") "The Naked Ape" is imagined in creative and narrative ways that would never happen again (at least with a generous budget) after the mids. It's conventionally sexy/humorous on the surface/10(83). The Naked Apes. likes. Corey Genthe - Lead Guitar, Vocals Mike Jackson - Bass Guitar Nick Marini - Drums, VocalsFollowers:

Except on the rare occasions when he actually indicates that 'research has shown' etc, I have to assume that this book is educated speculation. His procedure is to reverse-engineer primitive humans based on a white male North American interpretation of what is observed in the species today, supplementing this with our knowledge of prehistoric environmental conditions, the famously patchy fossil record and comparisons with primates and predators.

And why not? The effort is worthy and the results interesting, though I believe they have been much-contested since first published. Where Morris oversteps the mark is in attempting to apply his picture of our ancestors, gained from studying modern humans, to show us modern humans where we are going wrong. Call me culturally indoctrinated Morris, but I think that's called circular reasoning.

Morris claims that he wants us to embrace our biological nature, and poses the zoological perspective as ideologically neutral, but it's obvious that as well as homophobia, misogyny and racist imperialism, this book is drenched in the ideology of 'biological morality', the agenda of the gene.

My genes regard me as an instrument for their replication, and everything else I do and feel and think is irrelevant to them. Their motive is identical to the motive of a virus. My glorious birthright, as a human being, is the ability to choose otherwise. View all 17 comments. Shelves: sciences. This was one of the most upsetting books I have ever read. Fifteen years of age, I approached Morris with a vague, general interest in animals, i.

His book was popular and available in the Park Ridge public library where I read it. Fifteen and never been kissed. Well, that is not quite true. In first grade I was kissed by Lisa. That happened in her garage up Butte Lane from our house in the Meadowdale development. It was, it is unforgettable.

The Naked Ape takes its place alongside Darwin's Origin of the Species, presenting man not as a fallen angel, but as a risen ape, remarkable in his resilience, energy and imagination, yet an animal nonetheless, in danger of forgetting his by: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. His naked ape is a male and his lifestyle is characteristic of the species and shaped its evolution. He describes how males became hunters and thus developed sophisticated cooperative, communicative and 4/5.

A willowy blonde, she wore a powder blue This was one of the most upsetting books I have ever read. A willowy blonde, she wore a powder blue smock over a white shirt. Between that and her matching white knee socks there was a provocative inch or two of scuffed skin. The kiss was tender, mutual, a bare wisp of a touch-then her little brothers and sisters who had been spying on us started to snigger and it was over.

That was it.

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I joined George and some other guys in a girl hating organization devoted to such manly pursuits as watching old Three Stooges films on television again and again. Nine years later and I was obsessed with girls, obsessed.

Small for my age 4'11" entering high schoolthey were all taller and had been taller for quite some time. I had loved one of them, Nancy Stinton, from sixth through eighth grade, carrying half her books home for her daily, but nothing had happened and, indeed, it was probably just enough to see her smile, to have the twenty minute conversation after school.

But by fifteen, it was getting to be too much. The girls in junior high had already started, some of them, to date high school guys and some of those guys were six feet tall and proudly stubbled. Now I was in high school, watching couples prominade from class to class, surrounded by beautiful women, most of them older than me.

God, I'd never grow up!

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Yeah, an "interest in animals, in zoology" I wrote, hah! It was indeed informative-horribly so! Morris, as if reflecting my worst fears, seemed to relate everything, everything to sex, to sexual attraction, to reproduction of the species. Everything about women was to attract and mate with men. Why do women wear high heels? Because it elevates their rumps for penetration.

Why do women wear lipstick? To suggest the blood engorgement of labial arousal. And on and on and on. It was terrible.

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I was doomed. View all 6 comments.

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Nov 20, Becca rated it it was ok Shelves: smart-stuff. People are animals. Our behavior has evolutionary roots- even many behaviors we define as cultural have their basis in our prehistoric dog-eat-dog, survival-of-the-sexiest past. There, that's the thesis- perfectly sound and very interesting. The book falls apart in the details though- sweeping generalizations and odd assumptions about sexual behavior and gender roles and cultural supremacy without any supporting proof.

Just ideas and theories that seem almost comically colored by the author's People are animals. Just ideas and theories that seem almost comically colored by the author's dated biases.

His ideas sometimes lean dangerously towards social Darwinism- minority cultures with "bizarre" practices are aberrations in human evolution, and their behaviors can be dismissed as irrelevant to the discussion of human behavior.

The majority's he means White Northern Europeans, not East Asians, of course cultural practices represent the evolutionarily successful norm. I am intrigued by the mythical, biological and prehistoric roots of human behavior- like the story that men are silent because their prehistoric ancestors needed to hunt mastadons with stealth, while women are chatty thanks to their communal berry-gathering ancestresses.

Maybe that's ridiculous- I want to read a book that presents and backs up these theories with actual data. So, not this book. View all 8 comments. Sep 25, notgettingenough rated it it was ok Shelves: science-sort-of. I spent a year in Marbury, a non-authoritarian school modelled on Summerhill. It was all too weird for words. Next time any of you wonder why I don't know what continent Spain is in, or why places that are further away have times that are closer or Well, I say it was that sort of school like it's to blame for my appalling ignorance of geography.

If only I'd chosen a normal school instead. But truth be told, the next year I spent a year in Marbury, a non-authoritarian school modelled on Summerhill. But truth be told, the next year I did chose an ordinary school - Methodist Ladies College - and blow me down if the maths teacher didn't turn out to be a girl who made us do things like write poetry. I wouldn't mind so much if my poetry was any good.

The naked apes

View all 7 comments. Reading this book again after 37 years, I was pleasantly surprised at the relevant impact this book still has. Perhaps reading it after nearly four decades of experience as a member of its target species, more points in it seemed to ring true. There are probably some cts of this book which have been called into question by subsequent research findings, but in general the materials on the human evolutionary biology and psychology I've read in the meantime seem to support Morris's positions.

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When first published, this book was considered revolutionary because it attempted to describe the species homo sapiens from an objective zoologist's perspective. The chapters on sex and rearing were shocking to some in the way they dispassionately described these cts of human behavior. There are other sections of the book, however, that begin to spread into the fields of sociology and psychology and therefore involve human interpretation.

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The discussion of these topics - the evolution of religion in particular - is where this book has become somewhat obsolete, as the recent interest in human evolution has increasingly focused on the development of vastly increased intelligence and the capacity for abstract thinking. This capacity - which allows empathy and the assessment of future outcomes, and yet is limited in the acceptance of eventual non-existence i.

It is still well worth reading and shook up my assumptions about human existence once again. View 2 comments. Dec 13, Facehannah rated it it was amazing. The Naked Ape is my favourite book, ever.

If The Naked Ape was a person I would marry it in a heartbeat under whatever terms it wished, and I would be more than happy to give my body over to producing as many of its children as I could because a book like this deserves to bear children more than most of us do. Desmond Morris is an Anthropologist, and the person that made me decide that I, too, would like very much to be an Anthropologist, and The Naked Ape is a study of the Human Being as an The Naked Ape is my favourite book, ever.

Desmond Morris is an Anthropologist, and the person that made me decide that I, too, would like very much to be an Anthropologist, and The Naked Ape is a study of the Human Being as an animal.

Morris writes on this topic with the same enthusiasm as anyone who has found a topic that fascinates them would, you can tell that he is intrigued and excited by Humans and all of their bizarre inner workings.

Although he is a scientist and this is most easily defined as a scientific study, he writes in common language that is easy to understand, but the best part is that he has a sense of humour about it all. He is amused by people and their strangeness. Through the early stages of mental development, to gaining the ability to coordinate your limbs, power-struggles in the playground and the absolute horror and abysmal joy of adolescence to the violence and illusions of solidarity that is adulthood Desmond we're on a first name basis because we've been intimate Feb 10, Matthew rated it it was ok Shelves: non-fiction.

Desmond Morris' "The Naked Ape" is not a quality book for individuals seeking to understand the nature of modern evolutionary psychology. Morris' work is notable only for being a historical perspective into the origins of a discipline which has since his book taken on a dynamic and vibrant academic life. If one can manage to make it past some of the glaring errors in his work at one point he suggests that women evolved a trait because it was evolutionarily better for men - 'Uh, Desmond?

Evolution by natural or sexual selection doesn't work like that When I stumbled across this book last week and promptly down-loaded it to my kindle, I did not realize it had been first published in Some of the views are decidedly antiquated. For example that men go to work in attempt to satisfy the hunting urge together with other men, while women stay at home and take care of the children. In most of the Scandinavian countries, as large a percentage of women as men are now an active part of the work force.

The superficial treatment of homosexuality When I stumbled across this book last week and promptly down-loaded it to my kindle, I did not realize it had been first published in The superficial treatment of homosexuality and religion isn't anywhere near satisfying either. However, when this book was written, homosexuality was still considered a disease, so I presume this book calling this "aberrant" is the least that can be expected.

The theories presented here on why we are naked are exactly the same as I read in a newer publication I read recently: we lost our hair due to parasites because less hair meant less parasites or because we were semi-acquatic for a time being.

Follow the Author

This book draws no final conclusion on this subject. One of the points I liked best in this book was this "When you put a name on a door, or hang a painting on a wall, you are, in dog or wolf terms, for example, simply cocking your leg on them and leaving your personal mark there". A few years ago I was feeling insecure at work and I promptly put a painting on the wall and pictures on my desk - very consciously marking my territory. Come to think of it, this is the only office I have ever felt the need to "own" in this way.

Despite being somewhat old-fashioned I enjoyed this approach to the human animal. It's not completely outdated yet and well worth reading. Another point that made me think was this "Those members of a community who are either very successfull or socially well adjusted rarely suffer from 'grooming invitation ailments'".

By this the author means minor illnesses that only just require a visit to the doctor and the care of a spouse or friends colds, laryngitis and such. In my current work where everyone has a rather high socio-economic status, we are all startingly healthy. Before, when I held a job at the bottom-end of the hierarchy, people where ill of little things ALL the time.

So maybe there is some truth in the author's statement, however controversial it may be. Mar 21, reed rated it it was ok. This book astonished people 40 years ago and inspired all that psuedo-scientific "men are hunters, women are gatherers" crap, or so I'm told.

It's aged badly. The author comes across as pretty full of himself - he thinks his way of analyzing human behavior from a zoological perspective raises him above bias, but he's amusingly unaware of his own biases - misogyny, homophobia, and anti-psychiatry, to name a few.

It's still got some interesting parts, I guess, but I could only make it about This book astonished people 40 years ago and inspired all that psuedo-scientific "men are hunters, women are gatherers" crap, or so I'm told. It's still got some interesting parts, I guess, but I could only make it about halfway through before I got too bored. The funny thing is that I really do think he has a good point; humans are animals and we should pay more attention to how our animal nature motivates us and affects our behavior.

Oct 04, Nandakishore Varma rated it really liked it. This is one of those iconic books which once read, are never forgotten. I think many of Morris's observations based solely on anthropology have been debunked by scientists in related fields - but after reading this book, I can see mankind only as monkeys without fur! Aug 03, Julie rated it did not like it.

If you like your science with a heaping dose of sexism and homophobia, then this book's for you! This book was so entirely awful that I thought less of the person who recommended it to me.

Jun 28, Travelin rated it really liked it Shelves: starteddestroyed-in-bulgarian-demolition.

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I don't know what sort of re-packaged edition I read originally, but it was a short, coffee-table sized hardback, with full-sized, four-colour photos of women's pupils dilating. It seems men automatically find the same photo of a woman, but with larger pupils, more attractive. I thought I'd discovered a secret key to measuring womankind, in a kind of Cosmo version of The Naked Ape. A friend in school saw my book and got very excited, but the secret knowledge within, well, that was only for me.

Now that I've bought a steeply discounted paperback version, without the photos, Desmond Morris had said a great deal more, in a far better style, but with details which are remarkably less believable.

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I'd only recently started this book: Brazzaville Beachabout chimpanzee researchers trying to hide growing suspicion of chimp cannibalism, so I was becoming slightly better informed about some of the harrier apes. According to Morris, chimpanzees are our closest genetic relatives. Morris often repeats himself in a leisurely and comforting way, so it's indisbutable that he believes chimpanzees are largely peaceful, whereas mankind is not.

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Yet I wasn't surprised when, just yesterday, science magazines started discussing very high numbers of chimp-on-chimp killings, and how their fights can no longer be attributed to dwindling habitat. But I have to believe that Morris, as the Zoological Society's Curator of Mammals, should have known a lot more about actual apes before applying his claims to the naked ones. Semi-final ate: I'm going to admit that there are details in the chapter about sex, that if true, I did not know.

It may even answer a critical question its thinking inspired. There is probably some Bulgarian demolition expert trying to pry the secrets from its shredded remains. Original review: You really do feel like a VIP guest in a glass wall safari of human nature.

Hilarious that a man who watched fish fornicate for a year is somehow your guide. Mar 09, Ahmad Hossam rated it did not like it. I believe it would be an insult to science if I shelved this book as scientific. Simply put, it is unscientific bullshit that reads like 19th century imperialist anthropology. Not a shred of evidence is there, except vague references to "research shows", the "fossil record proves". What these evidence are you will never now, he may as well have made them up!

Two major issues here: Mr. Morris seem to lack the basic understanding of evolution though I'm not a big fan, I know how Darwinian evolution I believe it would be an insult to science if I shelved this book as scientific. Morris seem to lack the basic understanding of evolution though I'm not a big fan, I know how Darwinian evolution is supposed to work and It is a disgrace that a zoologist would twist it like that.

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