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Teen girl Vore 2 7K 1 Today. It was thursday. Finally school is over and you go home to play videogames. So you are alone at home with your sister. You ate all the food in the plate, but sonia didnt eat much.

I'm gonna take a little nap.

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Bye-bye, brother. You are in her stomach, the only thing that you hear is your sister heartbeat, respiration, and some gurgling sounds coming from bellow you, probably from her past meal. About half-hour later, some liquid was slowly filling your new home. You didn't pay attention to this until your skin start to itch. For another half-hour you were successful to remove the acid from your body, but the felling is getting worse. The itching sensation is slowing turning in a burning sensation.

You realize that the process of digestion is started, your digestion. Your acid is burning me! You lose all hope and let yourself be digested like a good meal.

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You stay alive one more hour, before you finally die a very painfull and slow death. She didn't have a good night like that for months.

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She gets up and sits on the edge of her bed. She then looks down at the bulge in her tummy with a smile. It has reduced half in size since last night and it was a little lower than before. She still could feel her stomach digesting its content. She began to rub the bulge.

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It was much harder and compact compared to the last time she rubbed it. She was enjoying the feeling of digesting her brother and the sensation of his body slithering in her inside. She begins to feel a pressure in her bottom. She pulls down her shorts and sits down on the toilet. She begins to grunt as the tip of a turd emerges from her butt hole.

Mmh, we made a good team together, no need to screw up in the end.

Mar 26,   Animation by MD on Eka/DeviantArt Edit: here's the link to the original artist sorry that I didn't leave it in the description earlier ^^; Dec 24,   Teen girl Vore. 2 7K (3 Today) Or another girl maybe, if you would rather use someone else. I think the story was nice, barring some spelling and grammar issues. I see you're from Portugal so I'm guessing English is a second or third language for you? So like, maybe you could ask around for someone who could be an editor for your next. Oct 04,   Vore Girls Comics. Vore comics girls and their adventures. Who will swallow? Vore as it is. Movie Night. Girls Vore. Artist: "Movie Night" by Shadowfaps Music: Cromag Beat - Silent Partner, Actin Up - MK2. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window).

Now, it is time that we part way. I will miss you a friend but even more has a meal. Training your replacement will be a pain in the butt, but less than shitting you. Be a good boy brother, and don't block the sewers like your predecessor. Bye" she said and pulls up the chain. She go to her room, happy with the meal she had and start to think who will be next to go in her hungry stomach If you want more of her, or another girl please comment and tell me what you think of this story its my first.

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Despite the unusual circumstances surrounding Ms. According to the last person to see her, a student named Jane, Ms. Richards left the after school detention only to return with a bag of manure which she dumped all over her own desk, then left without a word. Her room has been vacant ever since; the s. Ms Samantha Hart, a young algebra teacher, sat in her empty classroom while typing on her computer.

That was, until the door to her classroom was slammed open. Without evening looking up, Samantha already knew it was Veronica. Veronica was a troublem. Autumn swallowed as she looked at her schedule. The man shrugged. It happens. Kyleigh Spellman stepped into her classroom, eyeing the students.

The thirty years spent growing up, the 11 spent working towards her doctorate in education, another decade of teaching at colleges, then two decades at highschools, and finally, her resume was good enough to present to the Academy. The bell rang and Autumn stepped out of her class, eyes flicking around by habit as she walked to her next.

The young shrew was barely looked at as she slipped through the halls, which was just how she liked it. She was only four and a half feet tall, which was common for her species, but still made her a target.

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And, of course, her other differences tended to get her a little heat, but not as much. The day had not been too bad, so far.

Leanne Wick had been deeply worried about St. She hummed as she walked the halls to her next class, trying to keep her spirits. Tony grinned as he hopped off the bus, staring at the directions on the paper in his hand. He was 14, blond, short, twinky, and one hundred percent nerd, and he was off to enjoy an afternoon of his favorite pastime. I need you to come home and bring me a shrink ray right now! It was rare to see his mother this upset, although given his current predicament, he really should be the one upset.

Hell, their goldfish was a german skier and their So he really shou.

Teen girl vore

Nyannyancosplay vore request Today was a very special August day for Michael and his close friend Ronnie. Today, they were going to a massive Cosplay convention in the city. They would get to meet some of the most famous and sexiest cosplayers around.

Quitting time. Most people would spend this time out with friends having fun or at home enjoying time with their family, but not for Christine Martin. She was rushing to get herself and her family dressed and ready to go out the door. Christine worked for a big incorporation and earlier today her boss invited her and her family to enjoy dinner at her house.

This was a huge honor!

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If this dinner goes well, she might get promoted; or even take Melis. Escape from detention It was a cool Friday afternoon. Southwater high school had ended almost an hour ago and everyone had gone home. Everyone, besides the detention students.

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The detention group consisted of about seven teens and one teacher who really hated being there. In the very back of the classroom was Bella. She wore gray leggings that lead up to a knee high red skirt and a black hoodie that covered over her bright red hair. Bella could be called a troubled child. She had got into multip. Andy was at home panicking, while his older sister Kathy was trying to calm him down. She laughed when she saw you being digested by your teacher for a week.

My relationship with my older sister has always been strained.

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I know that all families have sibling rivalries, especially between the older kids and their bratty little siblings, but when I look back on how my sister treated me growing up, I think that some of the things she did to me might actually count as abuse. Stephanie is 6 years older than me, and she moved out of home the second she turned 18 and started college, so for as long as we were living together, she always seemed to tower over.

She pulled into the parking lot and parked her car.

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She ran as fast as she could to the door. She pulled out her keys and accidentally dropped them to the floor.

Movie Night. Girls Vore

She looked up and saw a little girl standing in front of her. She had long blonde hair and a rather. Which Sleeping bag was mine?

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